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About the Website

Studeeze is a website made and contributed to by past IGCSE and current IB students who know from personal experience that IGCSE is tough, especially when there is lack of online resources.

studeeze currently in the process of uploading Physics and Economics notes, topic by topic, for the students to use to revise. All notes are sorted by their Subjects and Units, they can be found in the ‘subject notes’ page. We are planning to increase the range of subject notes provided in the near future, so follow us on our instagram and twitter pages to keep up with our updates!

The ‘Syllabus Points’ tab has links to Pearson and Cambridge’s website where the students can find the syllabus pdfs for download.

We are currently only following the IGCSE syllabus for our notes, but we are planning to expand it to include notes from the IB curriculum.

There are no sign-ups required, all our resources are free to use for everyone. However, please be ethical in the use of our resources, they are not up for reselling, just for help.

We really hope that this website helps you in your studying and revision process. Happy Learning!

~The creators


We are always aiming to make studeeze's experience more user friendly. If you have any questions or suggestions, please...

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